Consultation services

Consultation Services

Professional consultation with proven domain know-how, We define and recommend value adding use cases and services, supporting your organization from idea to product commercializing.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

You can measure Risk to control your Enterprise Security Posture using RISK.
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Bespoke Services

AUM has built business critical, customer facing mobile as well as web applications that were highly tailored to meet customer needs. We build future-ready and fault tolerant software, incorporating evolving business needs.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Risk - Digital risk monitoring

Risk Categories

Identify external threats based upon high-quality intelligence aggregated from over 20,000 public and closed sources.

Measure Risk

Measure various risks by monitoring domains, IPs, networks, vulnerabilities, and cloud services. Actionable intelligence with immediate remediation is key to achieving a high security score.

Risk Assessment

Refine and enrich datapoints to understand where weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your digital assets are.

Global Visibility

Our geo-location capability delivers contextual information identifying low, medium and high-risk areas for managing your infrastructure, network resources and other company assets.

For more details please visit link Resecurity

Bespoke Software Development

We build software solutions that tailor fit all your needs, here are a few solutions that we have built for our clients.

ERP Solution

-Fraud Management - BSNL, Karnataka - WEB Enabled Solution for CDR Data and Fraud Management Mobile Service Karnataka.
-Stream Management - Optical Fiber and Stream Management System
-Subscriber Management System
-Light Schedule activities - Computerization of Mechanical and Electrical Light Schedule activities
-Labour Welfare Management System - Karnataka Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board.

Third Party System Study & Testing Services

-PACE Automation, Chennai, India.
-Automatic Ticketing System - BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation)

Web Enabling

-CITOM - BGTD - provides extensive reports on New Line, CITOMS and Billing
-Widia (India) Lt., Bangalore, India - SAP/R/3-ITS-ASP Interface (System Study + development)

IVR Solutions

- In-house Paging Solutions for Hotels, Hospitals, Offices.
- BSNL - Telephone Number changed Services
- Phone Banking
- Teledirections
- Fone Bazaar

Data Acquisition Application

- Mysore Telecom District E-Pay - For Payment of Telephone Bills.
- Recharge Voucher Management Systems.

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