Urban Mobility Solutions

Smart Pay Solutions

Digital Signages

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Urban Mobility Solutions

''ONE STOP HUB'' for Intelligent Transport Solutions enabling commuter convenience

Smart Pay Solutions

Solutions flexible to accept multiple fare media empowering ''DIGITAL & CASHLESS'' payments

Digital Signages

Affordable & Reliable ''DIGITAL OUT OF HOME'' Solutions

Cyber Threat Intelligence

You can measure Risk to control your Enterprise Security Posture using RISK.

Automated Fare Collection

Reliable online solution for the Public Bus Transport Corporations.

Our Solution meets the diverse needs of fare collection for Indian Transport Organizations. Our online solutions automate the ticketing system and the required operations at the depots.

Automatic Vehicle Tracking

AUM Innovative Vehicle Tracking Solution is an indispensable product for bus transport organisations. The real time GPS data received from the on-bus device is received at the remote server at the user specified time intervals. Bus location, its speed, adherence to planned route can be identified as a result of the GPS data.

Public Transport Display Boards

We design and manufacture LED display boards for use in public transport and in smart city projects. Our display boards meet the requirements for EMI / EMC, Vibration and Bump tests and withstand the harsh environmental conditions in which they are used.


We are a ‘ONE STOP HUB’ for providing Intelligent Transport Products & Solutions. We offer Fare Collection Systems using hand held devices and validators on buses, Vehicle Tracking Solutions with Passenger Information on smart phones and LED/LCD display boards. We also provide integrated solutions using Smart Cards and QR codes for Transit, Parking and Retail.

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Outdoor Signage

AVSIGN outdoor displays deliver an excellent quality output that can captivate the audience, even on bright and sunny day. Our outdoor LED Display boards have automatic brightness control that can sense the luminosity of the environment and set the brightness of the screen accordingly without affecting the quality of content being displayed. The screens are 100% waterproof and are suitable for any outdoor conditions

Indoor Signage

Our Indoor Displays are made of high quality LED modules and are available in customized pitches. The superior quality screens are suitable for displaying visual information to the audience. The hardware also contains an antiglare technology that ensures high visibility of the content even from distance.

Avsign Digital Signage Software

The content Management software ‘avsign’ comes with advanced features that enable centralized and online content Management through WiFi, Ethernet and offline through SD card, USB, Etc.The software enables a user to schedule the content when to play and how many times to play in a day. The web based CMS allows integration with third party software such as Queue Management System, Arrival and departure live information, temperature, time tables etc.

Digital Signage

AUM Offers a wide range of digital screens including LED walls, LCD video walls, Floor standing and hanging screens powered with our own digital signage player and an integrated software under the brand ‘AVSIGN’ to enable a wide variety of applications, optimized for the key vertical markets

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Consultation Services

AUM Infotech offers a wide range of consultation services ranging such as Planning and Scheduling, Daily Operations, Fleet Maintenance and ERP Solutions for Depots / Organizations.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Leverage Risk to automate your digital risk management and receive insight about any significant changes to your security posture due to Dark Web, data breach, compromised credentials, network infections and other security incidents.

Bespoke Software Development

Aum Infotech has experience in creating tailor fit software for organizations, our experience includes building of ERP Solutions, Web Enabling, IVR Solutions, Data Acquisition applications, Third Party System Study and Testing Services.

Our Services

With a strong technical team having worked under game changing projects and partnerships with a broad spectrum of technology vendors, AUM has both the resources and expertise to react quickly to our client’s needs.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a successful organization based on simplicity and human values, with a commitment to fulfill the needs & aspirations of every individual who comes in contact with us, viz. customers, business associates, human resources, shareholders and society.

Our Mission

We strongly believe in adhering to the following guidelines in order to realize our vision. Total Customer Satisfaction, Business Associates, Human Resources

Our Strength

AUM Infotech is an innovative IT Company providing “One Stop ITS Solutions for the Indian Bus Transport Corporations

About Us

AUM Infotech is an organic offshoot of KAMAL ELEKTRONIX, the undisputed leader in PCB design services from 1982 to 2014.

We develop innovative IT Products and Solutions since 1998. Emerging to be amongst the leading organizations to provide complete Intelligent Transport System across the Globe.

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified. We use a mature and continuous learning process for effective delivery.

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Intelligent Transport Solutions

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'' Do not imagine your Sincereity in work, but work sincerely with your imagination.''

Swami Chinmayananda

''Act efficiently wherever you work, The result of action depend on the very quality of the action.''

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''No achievement is impossible for man, if he honours how to act in the discipline of co-operation.''

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