Real Time Bus Tracking Application

Mobile passenger information application allows passengers to look at availability of buses, while at home, in the office, in the hotel or while waiting in a bus stop.

Passengers can see the location of a bus on a chosen specific route, the expected time of arrival of the bus at the bus stop and the time that will be taken to reach the destination. Passengers can also see the departure times of the buses they want to board.

AUM has designed the applications to work on Android and IOS smart phones. Our Mobile PIS application is being used by 10,000+ staff of an Indian Multinational Corporation.

The right information at your finget tips. Bus Routing Software Service. Location Information, Map, Bus/Route Information.
Main focus is to provide more convienence with bus schedules.

Hardware Requirements
RAM 512 MB or Higher
Processor 1 Ghz or Higher
Memory 200 MB
Software Requirement
Operating System Android V4.2 & above IOS
Memory 34MB 32MB
Other GPS enabled internet connectivity GPS enabled internet connectivity

This system helps the users to keep track of their bus. Since GPS location of the bus is tracked, so driver will not attempt to re-route the bus anywhere else.

  • Addresses Safety Concerns
  • Makes Managing Simple
  • Improves Efficiency & Savings
  • Acts as a Solid Record
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Awaits avoided
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