Aum's "DRIVER CONSOLE UNIT" is an off the Shelf Tablet PC. This can be dash mounted or custom mounted.
  • Exchange information from the on-board controller
  • Display location of the bus on map, next stop and distance
  • Livestream of on board cameras
  • Interface to Bus Validator
  • Display emergency messages from the control centre
  • Send alerts to control centre
  • Choose route and trip to be performed by crew based on which information on destination displays and in bus displays are updated
WIFI 4G router - Optional
WiFi Features
  • WIFI router within built access points
  • Interface to Radius (AAA Compliant)
  • Bandwidth data usage control
  • Store user session data

Main focus is to provide more convenience to passengers and bus operators by monitoring devices from control centre

INBUS Displays
  • LED and LCD monitors supported
  • Display location of a bus on a map and Next stop details
  • Audio announcements
  • Display AD-hoc messages from the control center
  • Facilitate Ads based on location of bus
  • Display pre-stored Ads
Destination Display
  • Bilingual (English and Local)
  • Display rout number, Destination and en-route bus stops
  • Data in signal / dual lines
  • Scrolling / Fixed messages
  • Auto brightness control
  • Controlled by Driver console
  • Choice to use front / rear / side or any areas on a bus
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