The Automated Fare Collections System is a combination of Web and Point of Sale based software solution which has been developed by AUM Infotech, Allowing the Transport service providers to automate the Depot operations and Ticketing Systems.

Handheld Electronic Ticketing Machines enable both the issue of paper single use tickets and also multi-use smart cards, with top up abilities at authorized retail outlets.

Coupling this with our Web based software allows the collection of all Electronic Ticketing Machine transactions means the Processing and Fare Collection activities can be facilitated both onsite ad in transit.

General Features & Functions
  • Developed for use with various Point-of-Sale devices
  • Ability to update fare changes over-the-air
  • Provide general and specific MIS reporting
  • Support online and offline Ticketing
  • Remote monitoring
  • Battery lasts for one complete shift
  • Transaction backup on SAM
  • Read and write Smartcard
  • Smartcard based Login by conductor & inspectors
  • Issue fine tickets by Inspectors
  • Current status display
  • Smartcard and Paper based ticketing
  • Trip Cancellation
Web Portal Functionality

Configured by System Administrators and either hosted on either remote cloud infrastructure or on internal infrastructure the AFC Web Portal is Supported by many of the top web browsers and contain user level security and audit logging.


AFC allows quick and easy access for management to run real time specific reporting across different aspects of business, including

  • No. of Pre-printed Tickets per Day, Month, Year
  • Revenue collection
  • Audit status report
  • Passenger profile
  • Reports can be generated for a day, week, month, etc.
  • Comparative analysis of consecutive year

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