AUM Innovative Vehicle Tracking Solution is an indispensable product for bus transport organisations. The real time GPS data received from the on-bus device is received at the remote server at the user specified time intervals. Bus location, its speed, adherence to planned route can be identified as a result of the GPS data.

General Features
  • Create route path with bus stops in Up and Down directions.
  • Create Geo fence for all the bus stops, bus terminals and depot.
  • Track bus movement and its adherence to defined route path.
  • Replay route taken by a bus.

The right features to keep you moving forward. Proven VTS solution with interface to PIS on mobile phones, Web and LED / LCD displays.

Passenger convenience is always at the forefront. In Pursuit of Better Citizen Services.

Interface to PIS on Mobile Phones Web and LED / LCD Displays

Additional Features

  • Virtual PIS on the web for users at helpdesk and control centre
  • Interface to the PIS solutions on mobile phones and web users
  • Dashboard for monitoring
  • Identify network delays, if any in receipt of GPS data
  • Daily despatch and operations
  • In bus panic alert
  • Over speed alert

Web Based Reports

  • Daily Schedule plan report
  • Trip details report
  • Trip exception / Geo fence violation report
  • Kilometres travelled report
  • Speed / Over speed report
  • Panic alert report
  • PLUS many more !
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