Reliable online solution for the Indian Bus Transport Corporations

Our Solution meets the diverse needs of fare collection for Indian Transport Organization. Our online solutions automate the ticketing system and the required operations at the depots.

Our online handheld ETM solution enables issue of paper single use tickets, daily pass, validate smart cards used as pass or e-purse. It can also read/print/display QR codes. Ours is the only solution that supports BHIM, the cashless mode in public Transport.

The handheld ETM solutions has a firm interface with our web based software to collect all the ETM transactions and prosses them instantaneously.

General Features of ETMs
  • Works on Verifone and Ingenico POS devices.
  • Supports Type A/B smarts cards and EMV contactless cards.
  • Can be used in both online and offline modes.
  • Over the air update of fare/stops/routes.
  • Over the Air Firmware Upgrade.
  • Remote monitoring and many more...

'it brings amazing ergonomics, higher hardware variability and wider functionality. A matter 0f course is comfortable, fast and secure validation in any tariff system including Check In / Check Out'.


Web Features

  • Issues of way bills/extract.
  • Pre-Printed ticket inventory issued to conductors and sale
  • Auditing and cash collection
  • Dashboards to monitor ETMs performance and use
  • Select and configure ETMs by ID/depot for firm name and master data upgrade.
  • Supports multiple web browsers and audit logging.


Users based on privileges take access to real time reports across different aspects of the business; including

  • Depot wise collection
  • Route wise collection
  • Shift wise collection
  • Conductor wise Revenue Report
  • Conductor wise PPT Ledger Report
  • Vehicle Wise Revenue Report
  • Daily revenue collection
  • Trip wise revenue collection
  • EPKM Report
  • Smart Card Transaction Report
  • Monthly Denomination Wise Report
  • Passenger profiling Reports
  • Comparative analysis of consecutive years

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