AUM Infotech is an organic offshoot of KAMAL ELEKTRONIX, the undisputed leader in PCB design services from 1982 to 2014.

We develop innovative IT Products and Solutions since 1988. Emerging to be amongst the leading organizations to provide complete Intelligent Transport System across the Globe.

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

We use a mature and continous learning process for effective delivery. Our Expertise Includes

  • Design and Manufacture of Embedded Products and Solutions.
  • Design, Development, Commissioning and Maintenance of High Performance and Scalable Enterprise Software Solutions.

"Our products, solutions and prompt customer support" create CUSTOMER DELIGHT every time.
"ONE STOP HUB" - For Intelligent Transport System

We also provide consulting services to Transport Organisations to conduct study of their existing operations analyse the data and provide inputs on how the Corporation can either reduce its operational costs or increase its revenues.

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Who we are

AUM Infotech was born of the merger of three established companies in 1998, each with a successful track record and expertise in different areas. Over the years, AUM Infotech has come a long way, with...

State-of-the-art offices with the best equipment and facilities

  • A talent pool of some of the finest minds in the Indian Infotech industry
  • Engineers who understand the need to design and develop solutions that are easy to use and are scalable to meet performance requirements
  • Field executives who deliver at Ground – considering that Transport Solutions are used 18 x 7
  • Entrepreneurs who Believe – Our Solutions should "Do All the Talk"

AUM's inspiration springs from the statement of His Holiness Swami Chinmayananda during one of his many inspirational talks on The Bhagawad Gita and The Upanishads - "Success is already in place, we need to work intelligently to reach there"

AUM was envisioned and inspired by the above fundamental and proven law of the universe.

Heading the organization in capacity of Director, he is a successful businessman spearheading operations of his organizations involved in design, development and manufacture of embedded products and IT Software Solutions since the last 32 years. He is an expert in electronic CAD/CAM. He is dynamic and very innovative. He puts into practice very simple but productive management concepts based on his Learning from Great Masters of Vedantic literature and modern management Gurus.


Welcome to AUM Infotech ! We’re excited that you’ve chosen to explore career opportunities with us. We have endless challenges and rewards. A team of colleagues fueled with eager and enthusiasm to achieve. All this, and a company deeply committed to integrity and responsibility.

As we develop innovative new ways to meet the world's growing demand for innovative solutions, we're searching for remarkable people to join us.

AUM Infotech is an innovative IT Company providing "One Stop ITS Solutions for Indian Bus Transport Corporations" for
  • Design, Development and Manufacture of Embedded Products
  • Design, Development, Commissioning and Support of Enterprise Software Solutions
  • Data Processing and Web casting of MIS reports for Applications which involve Data Acquisition (including remote locations)
  • Has been active in providing innovative technology solutions since 25 years
  • Acceptance by Industry Majors like Siemens, Ingenico, Ashok Leyland to be their Consortium partner
  • Acceptance by IIIT-B to be part of Innovative Government Projects in India
  • Design, develop, implement, train and support application software solutions
  • Design products using 8, 16 and 32 bit micro-controllers
  • Expertise in below modes of communication
    • PSTN , GSM / GPRS , CDMA , WiFi
    • Fibre Optics
    • V-SAT
"Creating Customer Delight" every time

Our Thrust Areas:

AUM Infotech is emerging as the fastest growing Company in India to provide Complete ITS solutions for Bus Transport Corporations in India.

  • Designed and developed IT Software solutions that can be SUCCESSFULLY IMPLEMENTED to work in Indian Conditions.
  • Designed and manufacture Embedded products required for the ITS solutions considering the tough and diverse working conditions across India.
  • Been a Value Add Partner to Trapeze Group who offer "PROVEN IT SOLUTIONS" that are integral to form a TOTAL ITS solution

Along with experienced and talented experts from the Transport Industry, we are providing EXPERT CONSULTING SERVICES to Transport Organisations who wish to reduce their Operational costs or utilize their Men and Resources efficiently and increase revenues.

A brief look at the Case studies listed highlights that WE DELIVER EVERYTIME !

AUM Highlights::

  • More than a decade of experience in working with cutting-edge software technology
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure for development and good connectivity
  • Personal commitment and accountability with complete confidentiality assurance
  • The best available human resources for your software development needs
  • Highly reliable and cost-effective solutions
  • Mature process model for effective delivery and least time-to-market cycles
  • Prompt support and documentation
  • Exposure to the latest trends in the industry and tie-ups with industry majors

In-House Training:

  • With expertise in a wide range of areas, AUM Infotech has strong in-house training capabilities.
  • Our panel of experts study and assimilate new and emerging technologies
  • Our people are trained in these emerging technologies and the use of the latest development tools and methodologies
  • This unique advantage enables them to work on projects within weeks of the breaking of a new technology.

Our vision is to create a successful organization based on simplicity and human values, with a commitment to fulfill the needs & aspirations of every individual who comes in contact with us, viz. customers, business associates, human resources, shareholders and society.

We strongly believe in adhering to the following guidelines in order to realize our vision.

Total Customer Satisfaction

Our Technical Team is amongst the best in the Industry, which is continuously trained to keep abreast of new & emerging technologies, and to stay ahead. Our work force is totally dedicated to provide service to customers worldwide, by catering to their diverse needs.

Business Associates

We respect and appreciate the long-standing relationship we have with our business associates. We shall always work in conjunction, towards mutual benefit.

Human Resources

The pillars that hold up any software organization are its human resource. Every individual has the potential to make a mark in his sphere of activity. We strive to tap this potential. Our employees are provided with adequate training, mentoring, accessibility to the latest technology, systems & software, and an outstanding work environment.

We believe in sharing our success, both technological and financial, with our work force. 'Packages linked to performance in work' is our passion.


At AUM, we are constantly aware of the confidence our shareholders have reposed in our capabilities. The glory we have gathered is due to their consistent encouragement. We consider it our boundless duty to always live up to their expectations.


We are greatly indebted to our society, which has nurtured, cared, and provided us with a wonderful environment & education. In order to fulfill and discharge our obligations, we are ready to chip in our mite for a better tomorrow, a better world.